Celebrating Indonesian Holidays

Celebrating Indonesian Holidays

Bali is known as The Island of The Gods because of all the wonderful ceremonies and celebrations that take place throughout the year.  And when discussing a year, please note that the Balinese calendar year is 210 days.

Some of the more special holidays of the year include:
Nyepi - The most important Balinese Hindu celebration, which marks the turn of the New Year.  Nyepi is a silent day, with 24 hours reserved for self-contemplation.  Major celebrations take place prior to Nyepi, including the Ogah-Ogah parades, in which each banjar (village) creates a large monster-like creature and parade them down the town main street for all to see.  Things for guests to know include that traveling the day before Nyepi is VERY difficult because of all the traffic caused by the celebrations.  The airport is closed on Nyepi.  Our staff does not work on Nyepi, but they will prepare food for everyone to warm up on Nyepi.  The use of electricity is highly discouraged, but this leads to some amazing views of the night sky. 

Galungan - A celebration of dharma over adharma (Good over Evil)  - It marks the time when ancestral spirits of deceased relatives visit the Earth.  The spirits of deceased relatives return to visit their former homes and the Balinese have a responsibility to be hospitable and welcoming to their past ancestors through prayers and offerings throughout their home. The most obvious sign of the celebrations is the penjor - bamboo poles with offerings suspended at the end which line the roads. Preparations for Galungan take place several days before Galungan with families cooking many dishes to welcome the holiday.  A majority of our staff will have the day off during this holiday.

Kuningan - 10 days after Galungan, Kuningan marks the day that the spirits leave Earth.   A majority of our staff will have the day off during this holiday.

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