Can you recommend some nearby restaurants?

Can you recommend some nearby restaurants?

We've created an  Interactive Map of the amazing things you can do while in Bali.  We also added local restaurants, Bondalem's pharmacy, ATMs, convenience stores, gas stations, emergency clinics and hospitals.  Here are a few thoughts about some of our favorite restaurants.

Alam Anda - Fancier but kid-friendly.  Great Friday night BBQ or pizza-themed buffets, check ahead for the menu theme. To the East.

Warung Pesisis - Nice breakfast, yummy pancakes and tea.  Outdoor seating overlooking the sea. To the West.

Rangoon Sunset - Traditional Balinese food in Singaraja at the pier.  To the West.

Buda Bakery & Resto - Amazing, high quality, large portions in Lovina with amazing desserts and breads.  To the West.

Warung Tasik Restaurant - Haven't tried this nearby warung yet, let us know what you think.  To the East.

Marputu Restaurant - Authentic Balinese food in a casual atmosphere.  To the West.


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